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Eligibility period requires shows to air between 2 a.m.

and 6 p.m., thus disqualifying “Kim.” 57 noms for ABC In the end, ABC still earned 57 noms from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

That's also why our public school system is so messed up, but I won't get into that :) Lol.

I don't know, I just think people should do projects they believe in, and not projects that will win them awards.

They join Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa of “Live,” and the five hosts of the “The View” (including Lisa Ling, who left the show in early December.) Each nominated host saw their yakkers recognized in the talk show category: “Dr.

Phil,” “Live With Regis and Kelly,” “Soap Talk,” “The View” and “The Wayne Brady Show.” Meanwhile, a technical snafu meant ABC ended Wednesday with less noms than it had when this year’s Emmy contenders were announced in the morning.

Stewart, born Paul Anthony Tamaccio, was born in Philadelphia and raised in nearby Wayne, Pennsylvania.

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Dominic Gape was back on the bench at the weekend but Paul Hayes and Scott Kashket look likely to miss out again.Also, I had a blast playing Paul Sorvino's daughter in an ABC pilot called "Burning Down the House". Marriage is two becoming one and until you are ready and willing to take the kind of risks that will keep the marriage alive, you shouldn't do it. If it's like an appreciation kind of award or something like that, that's cool, but I think Hollywood's turned it into a competition and I don't believe in that.